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Salvation Today

Mel Gibson out! What's in?


Dr Kieran O'Mahony


Saturday 31st October, 2015

Kieran will address the thinking on Salvation today;
a challenge to the theories of substitutionary atonement, vicarious satisfaction.
Mel Gibson's gruesome film "The Passion of the Christ",
a false portrayal of the biblical story,
a mistaken interpretation of the theology of salvation?

Kieran addressed the inaugural meeting of CTF,
which was titled "Discerning the Times", in 2004.
The topic he took at that event was "Reading St Paul for the Twenty First Century".
On this occasion he goes a step further.
Kieran is a biblical scholar.
He lectured in scripture at the Milltown Institute, Dublin and was associate professor
and head of the Department of Scripture.
His main research interest is St. Paul.
Presently he works for Dublin diocese as coordinator of biblical studies.

We are very pleased to welcome Kieran to addres a CTF Event again.


Sacred Heart Hall,
Western Road,

Saturday 31st, October 2015

Registration €10


  • 9.30 Registration,
  • 10.00 Introduction and Talk by Dr O'Mahony
  • 11.00 Coffee
  • 11.30 Second talk.
  • 12.00 Open Forum,
  • 12.45 Departure

    For a fuller report on this event click on   Salvation Today



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