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Potluck 2018

Building a Theology of Family

This year's Potluck followed on similar lines to recent years. People were invited to participate once again. This time they were invited to bring along something (an object, a piece of music, a poem etc.) that expresses an understanding of family emerging from experience.

The setting as last year, was a comfortable lounge in Northridge House, Mahon, at the edge of Cork harbour. Here we each shared what the item the brought triggered in their reflection on 'family'. The response was very good.
There was a wide ranging variety of images and experiences of family,
The first speaker shared a poem about Hope, a Christian virtue and part of family experience. Further contributions ranged over memories, incidents, the complexity of relationships. These included mixed race relationships, separations, second relationships, children cherished. There were items and memories linked as far back as the nineteenth century. We included African experience, including polygamy and traditions found in the Old Testament. We concluded with the thought that God did not have to wait for Christ's coming or for Christian missionaries to be present in families.

As last year the offering, in many instances, gave us a sense of wonder, something new to treasure and to recall. Then we continued to share ideas and impressions later over a “cuppa” and many treats.

To view a copy of the words of some of the pieces presented click on the link in the column on the left.

Formal lectures by expert speakers have their place, but informal gatherings such as this remind us that everyone we meet has gifts and insights to be shared. So we are pleased to share these favourites in the hope that they extend a hand of solidarity and friendship to all who visit our website.


If anyone would like to comment they could make one on corktheologyforum@gmail.com

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