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CTF is a broad-based gathering of people exploring Christian Theology and how it applies today
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A Pilot Group was formed
on the 19th February 2004

CTF came about in response to a need expressed by people in the various denominations and sectors for opportunities to do theology in Cork. Given the lamentable absence of a third level department of Theology or Religious Studies in the Cork area, we decided that rather than each interested group trying to meet that need alone, a forum should be established where theology would be done together, across the Christian denominations, inclusive of clergy and laity, inclusive of and accessible to people from the academic, church and community arenas, and in a way relevant to the real lives of people in Cork today. The pilot group first gathered 19th February 2004 and the launch took place on October 2nd of that year. Since then there have been 5 public day events, an evening series and two theology book clubs have been established in the city, where people choose and read a theology book and discuss it once a month. At the October event this year, we also intend to hold an AGM in order to make CTF more democratic and inclusive of all members. The focus of all events is to provide opportunities for people to come and do theology together. For this reason there is a combination of excellent input from invited speakers, and time when participants discuss the issues in groups and as a body. From an experimental first meeting in early '04 we now have a considerable mailing list, and many people have attended at least one gathering.

CTF Committee
Mary Coakley , Anne Francis, Geraldine Gracie, Derek Johnston, Evelyne O'Callaghan, Tom Riordan, John Scanlan, Deirdre Tuohy, Gerry Tuohy.