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CTF is a broad-based gathering of people exploring Christian Theology and how it applies today
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Constitution of the
Cork Theology Forum

Name and Purpose
1. The Forum shall be known as the Cork Theology Forum

2. Cork Theology Forum is a broad-based alliance of people committed to providing opportunities to explore Christian Theology and how it applies today. The Forum shall promote theological discussion and study, hold meetings and discussions, sponsor lectures and organise conferences for this purpose.

3. Membership shall be at the discretion of the Standing Committee. Membership shall be open to those who have an interest in theology and are committing to the objectives of the forum.

4. Members shall pay annually such subscription as the Standing Committee shall determine. Any member whose subscription is more than one year in arrears shall be deemed, after due reminder, to have resigned. The Standing Committee shall maintain a register of paid up members entitled to vote.

5. The membership subscription shall be determined annually by the Standing Committee. Members shall be entitled to a discount on Event fees, such discount to be decided by the Standing Committee.

General Meetings
6. A General Meeting of Members shall be held every year. A report shall be issued annually to members.

7. Standing Committee shall have power to call an Extraordinary General Meeting of Members.

8. An Extraordinary General Meeting of Members shall be held following a written request for such a meeting from twenty members.

Standing Committee
9. The members at a Triennial General Meeting shall elect from amongst the membership a Standing Committee consisting of a maximum of ten members. The Standing Committee shall have the power to co-opt two extra members.

10. If the membership of the Standing Committee falls below seven members, the Standing Committee shall have power to co-opt for the remainder of the three year period.

11. All members of the Standing Committee shall retire after three years and become immediately eligible for re-election.

12. The Standing Committee shall elect from amongst their members a President and a Treasurer and shall appoint such other officers as they shall deem from time to time to be necessary. No individual shall hold the same office for more than six consecutive years.

13. Four members present at a duly summoned meeting of the Standing Committee shall form a quorum.

Conferences and Events
14. The Forum shall hold at least one Event annually.

15. The arrangement of the Event, including the choice of time, place, theme and lectures shall be a matter for the Standing Committee. The Standing Committee shall consider suggestions and requests made by the General Membership.

16. Participation in Events shall be open to all members of the Forum and to such guests as may be invited by the Standing Committee. Events designated as public shall have general access.

Additions and Amendments
17. Additions and Amendments to this Constitution may be enacted by a two-thirds majority of members present and voting at a General Meeting.


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