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Saturday 1st March 2008





Theology of Ecology




Fr. Seán McDonagh

Fr. Seán is a Columban priest who has long been an activist in the field of ecological and environmental matters.

In his latest book, Climate Change, The Challenge to All of Us, Fr. Seán describes the causes and consequences of global warning. He examines various responses from governments, industry and the churches.


First Talk

News of the World

The wide-ranging causes and effects of Climate Change.

How can Christians respond to the reality of Global Warming?
What contribution can Theology make to this looming crisis?

Second Talk

One Bread, One Body, One World

One Theological response: a Eucharistic Ecology   



Sacred Heart, Parish Hall

Western Road, Cork



09:30: Registration


10:00: First Session
                   News of the World

                   Followed by discussion


11:15: Coffee/Tea Break


11:45: Second Session

                    One Bread One Body One World

                    Followed by discussion


01:00: Conclusion


Registration Fee: €15; Members €10






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