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CTF is a broad-based gathering of people exploring Christian Theology and how it applies today





18th January to 8th February 2006




One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism



What does it mean to be;

Methodist; Church of Ireland; Catholic; Presbyterian?




Laurence Graham and Mrs. Vera Wellcome


Maggie Blackley and Cormac Breathnach

Helen Lovell and Rev. Robert Kingston

John Faris and A Member of the Presbyterian Community



The speakers will seek to share the riches of their tradition with other Christians.
The talks, questions and discussions will range over both church teachings and the experiences of members trying to live out their faith in the concrete contexts of contemporary Ireland.




St. Dominic’s Retreat House,

Ennismore, Cork



Four Wednesday Nights:


Times: 8.00 pm to 9.30 followed by tea


Night 1: January 18th - Chair; Derek Johnston

Night 2: January 25th
- Chair; Sybil Fuller

Night 3: February 1st - Chair; Mary Coakley

Night 4: February 8th - Chair; Anne Francis





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CTF Steering Group

Michael Burrows, Mary Coakley Stephen Cummins, Anne Francis, Sybil Fuller, Laurence Graham,

Derek Johnston, Fiachra Long,  Evelyne O’Callaghan, Tom Riordan, John Scanlan.