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Saturday 18th October 2008




A New Creation


The Promise of New Life     



Two speakers examine the Promise of New Life

From the perspective of Paul and John


Followed by questions and discussion




Ms. Gillian Kingston

Gillian Kingston is a member of the International Commission for Dialogue between the Roman Catholic Church and the World Methodist Council.  Until recently she was secretary of the Covenant Council of the Church of Ireland and the Methodist Church in Ireland and continues to serve as a member of the Council.  She is a member of the board of Christian Aid Ireland.


Rev. Dr. Thomas Brodie

Dr. Brodie is founder and Director of the Limerick Dominican Biblical Institute.  

He has an international reputation as a biblical scholar who has taught in universities in Germany, Trinidad, the United States and South Africa.

He has also served as a parish priest in many of these places.  

His published works cover John’s Gospel, Luke-Acts, Genesis and the Primary History of the Jewish Scriptures.





The Promise of New Life in the Pauline Epistles


Gillian will approach the writing of Paul from a pastoral perspective rather than taking the strictly academic route. 

She will focus on passages from; 2 Corinthians, Galatians and the epistle to Philemon.


The Promise of New Life in the Johnine Epistles


Far from being abstract, Tom sees John’s gospel as closely connected with the reality of human life.

John’s portrayal of Jesus shows how as God’s love is revealed, diverse people move (or refuse to move) towards God and maturity and life.

The talk highlights some key examples of this process.




Rochestown Park Hotel


Co. Cork



Registration fee €25, Members €20
Includes coffee/tea at 11.30

Sandwiches & coffee/tea at 13.15




09.30 Registration

10.00 Introduction

10.15 First talk

          Ms. Gillian Kingston

11.00 Discussion/questions

11.30 Tea/Coffee

12.00 Second Talk

          Rev. Tom Brodie

12.45 Discussion etc.

13.15 Sandwich lunch

14.00 AGM

14.30 Departures

                                                          ‘Pillars of Creation’





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