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Saturday 27th May 2006





Faith that does Justice




Fr. Sean Healy S.M.A and Fr. Peter McVerry S.J.


Fr. Seán Healy S.M.A. is director of the CORI Justice Commission which is now recognized as a social partner.  He writes on public policy and on spirituality for social engagement.


Fr. Peter McVerry S.J. runs hostels for homeless people, a detox centre and drug-free aftercare houses. He is a critic of public policy on homelessness and criminal justice.




Economic Choices

Seán Healy will make connections between theology and current economic policy, and point to areas where Christians’ views can and should make a difference.

What can the reflective Christian say to those who make policy for budgets and public spending?

What sort of society do we want to be? – can our beliefs help to shape it or do we simply stand by and let the politicians get on with it?



Peter McVerry will talk about the reality of poverty in contemporary Ireland and the response demanded by the Gospel.

Is the Christian Gospel really Good News for the poor in Ireland today?

Have the churches conveniently forgotten Jesus’ mission to the marginalised and powerless?




SilverSprings Hotel




09.45 – 10.15: Arrivals


10.15 – 11.15: Seán Healy Lecture


11.15 – 11.45: Coffee/tea & biscuits (included in fee)


11.45 – 12.45: Peter McVerry Lecture


12.45 – 01.15: Group Discussion


01.15 – 02.00: Coffee/tea & sandwiches (included in fee)


02.00 – 03.00: Plenary Session; questions and answers


             03.00: Departures








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