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CTF is a broad-based gathering of people exploring Christian Theology and how it applies today





December 2005


Bookclub Formed


First meetings:

February 2006


The aim of the book club is that people have an opportunity to read theology and discuss it with others.


There will be two clubs starting at the same time
 to accommodate people’s differing availability.

You are asked to choose one group and stay with it.


Sessions will take place once a month from 8.00 – 9.30 pm.

Each session will be led by a different member of the group.

The leader will start off the discussion with a question raised for them by the text. (leading is not compulsory)



Group 1 / Thursday group:

St. Catherine’s Convent Bishopstown.

Thursday 2nd February 8.00 - 9.30 pm


Group 2 / Monday Group:

St. Dominic’s Retreat Centre Ennismore

Monday 6th February 8.00 - 9.30 pm


BOOK: The Lost Message of Jesus. Steve Chalk and Alan Mann.
 (Grand Rapids 2003)

Can be ordered from Veritas, Carey’s Lane.





The bookclub is faltering, anyone interested in becoming involved in the bookclub please contact any committee member - on the Contacts list.





Bookclub is unfortunately not functioning at present.  The CTF Committee will facilitate a revival at any time if there is sufficient demand for it.  (See Contacts)




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CTF Committee

Mary Coakley, Carol Dorgan, Anne Francis, Geraldine Gracie,

Derek Johnston, Steve Lawes, Evelyne O’Callaghan, Tom Riordan, John Scanlan