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Four Modern Theologians

Four Local Voices

Introduction to the Theology of

John Macquarrie,
Professor Phyllis Trible,
Dietrich Bonhoeffer,
Gustavo Gutierrez.

Four Monday Nights 8.00 to 9.00 p.m.
February 7th, 14th, 21st, & 28th.

Nemo Rangers Club House,
Douglas Road, Cork

February 7th.

John Macquarrie was an academic theologian, teaching at Glasgow University, at Union Seminary, New York and at Oxford University. He was one of the leading English-speaking systematic theologians of the twentieth century, particularly concerned to apply the philosophical insights of Martin Heidegger and Alfred North Whitehead to theological discourse.
Derek Johnston studied Modern Languages at UCC and taught French for over thirty years in Midleton College, Co Cork, from which he has now retired. He has a BA in Philosophy (externally) from London University and an MA in Theology from University of Limerick: God, Being and Process: John Macquarrie's claim to be called a Process Theologian.

February 14th

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, (1906-45), a Lutheran pastor, is known worldwide as one of the leading dissi-dents in Hitler s Germany and as one of the founding members of the so-called Confessing Church opposing both the idea of a Führer and the National Socialist ideology that such a
Führer embodied. However, Bonhoeffer was first and foremost a theologian…
Ursula O'Donovan was born in Germany, lives in Ireland since 1981. Studied Psychology, History and English in Germany. Studied German in UCC. Has a Ph.D. on C Wolf s novel Kindheitsmuster, NUI 1988. Has Ph.D. from Queen s University Belfast 2007. On Dietrich Bonhoeffer: His "religionless Christianity and his "non-religious interpretation of biblical concepts in light of his ecumenism.

February 21st

Professor Phyllis Trible is a biblical scholar renowned for her text-based exploration of women and gender in Scripture. She is the author of God and the Rhetoric of Sexuality, Texts of Terror: Literary-Feminist Readings of Biblical Narrative, and, most recently, Rhetorical Criticism: Context, Method, and the Book of Jonah. The talk will focus on Trible literary-feminist reading of Hagar story (Gen. 16-1-16; 21:9-21) taken from Texts of Terror.
Dr. Siobhán Dowling lectures in Religious Education in UCC, and in Biblical Studies in Waterford Institute of Technology. Her primary research focuses on the Reception of the Bible in Music. In recent years she has presented papers on this subject at the International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature.

February 28th

Gustavo Gutierrez, born in Lima in 1928 is a Peruvian theologian and a Dominican priest who is widely regarded as one of the principal founders of liberation theology that seeks to understand life and faith from the "underside of history" – namely from the perspective of the poor and the oppressed of the world.
Sean O'Sullivan is a priest of the diocese of Cork and Ross who worked for eight years on the diocesan mission in Peru and who currently serves in Kilmurry and Ovens parishes.


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